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Easily look up programming syntax for 9 different languages



SyntaxDB allows developers to easily look up programming syntax. The database contains 9 different languages and over 500 concepts, accessible through the website, REST API, or plugins.

Languages Supported: Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Swift

Built with: Ruby on Rails, Apache Solr

Motherboard (Vice)
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Hospital Paging and Scheduling System. Capstone project.



For my capstone project, my team developed a paging system for hospitals which automates the assignment of patients to doctors. Assignment algorithm aims to minimize wait times (by load balancing doctors) and ensure proper assignment of specialists (through diagnostic categories).

The back-end server was written in Node.js on top of a MySQL database, with REST API endpoints for communication. The front-end web portal was implemented using Angular.js. A custom dedicated smartwatch was also built using Arduino.


  • Voted best project by first and second year students
  • 3rd overall for best project (industry and faculty judges)
  • Queen's IEEE Student Project Competition Winner
  • 2nd place - IEEE Eastern Ontario Student Project Competition
  • Bitnessmore_vert

    Motion-detecting workout game for Android and Pebble devices.



    BITNESS aims to motivate users to workout by rewarding them with in game experience to level their 8-bit character. Pairing a Pebble with FocusMotion's movement analysing SDK, our app is able to identify the type and repetitions of over 50 different exercises. By exercising, the user is able to earn experience points which levels up their character and gives access to new and more interesting wearable items. Designed to be unobtrusive, tracking is triggered and stopped with a flick of the wrist, ideal for gym use in between sets. Created at Hack the North 2015.


    Queen's Conference on Business and Technology



    After an incredible experience being on the CEEC 2014 executive team, I was inspired to create and lead a conference called the Queen's Conference on Business & Technology. The purpose of the conference is to bridge the gap between the business and technology space at Queen's, and create a culture of innovation. The conference was attended by 130 delegates spanning all disciplines, and featured representatives from 10 different schools across Canada, making it the largest multidisciplinary conference on campus.

    After handing off the Co-Chair role, I returned to the team as a Sponsorship Director. QCBT 2016 saw tremendous growth, reaching 13 schools, having a 100% increase in delegate applications, and a 75% increase in sponsorship funds.


    Company formed out an award-winning Junior Achievement campaign



    PromoBands is a business venture started in 2012 out of an award-winning Junior Achievement campaign. PromoBands offers custom wristbands and lanyards, and provides design consulting with every order. PromoBands has provided custom products for corporate clients like IBM, and Del Monte, as well as local groups like OFSAA, and Best Buddies.

    My responsibility is to work with these clients. I take requirements from the client and translate them to product designs. The service we provide gives us a competitive advantage. Every now and then, I close the occassional client as well.

    AG-NAV Site Redesignmore_vert

    Gave the AG-NAV website a new look and feel, part of last summer's internship


    AG-NAV Site Redesignclose

    Part of my internship last summer was to redesign the AG-NAV website. A major shift in the redesign was clearly presenting each product's value proposition, as opposed to boasting technical specifications. This resulted in a large increase in viewer engagement (bounce rate down 35%, pages per session up 100%). Sales increased 25% from the previous year.

    Some of the other challenges faced and overcome included implementing semi-automated translations, migrating with zero downtime, and ensuring the new CMS (Wordpress) was easier to use than the existing one.

    QSET Site Redesignmore_vert

    Part of my responsibility as Head of Outreach on the QSET executive team


    QSET Site Redesignclose

    The Queen's Space Engineering Team (QSET) hired me on as Head of Outreach to redo their site and improve QSET's brand awareness on campus.